About Us

Our Mission Statement

Youth Global Perspectives is a nonprofit organization geared towards exposing youth living in low income households to global experiences while acquiring knowledge about cultural awareness and developing real life perspectives of the world.


We envision all youth having the opportunity to travel globally while gaining a sense of cultural awareness.


Throughout the years, traveling around the world has broaden my horizons to different cultures and practices. But most importantly, it has shaped my perspective and how I view the world around me.

Albert F.

Traveling gives people the opportunity to see a way of life beyond their own. By experiencing a different environment or culture, young people gain new perspective in assessing the issues faced within their own communities while simultaneously correcting false assumptions about those outside of it.

Kenneth Echols Jr.

Traveling is important because it opens you up to other cultures. When you meet people from different walks of life you become a more open person. You see the world as a place that diverse human beings share versus individual people in far away places. You learn to realize that we're not that different after all. Despite our language barriers and cultural differences, we are all human beings trying to figure out how to make the best out of our lives.

Emma Hawksley