Community Engagement/Leadership

Students will learn the importance of community involvement while also learning traits of how to be a successful leader. In this program students will head and plan a community event. This event will specifically correlate with their travel experience with YGP, Inc.

The video content to the right displays our YGP scholars first community engagement event.Our YGP scholars along with several youths around Indianapolis, IN spent roughly eight Saturday mornings planning and executing this event. At this community event, we focused on African American history and how it has evolved throughout time. The demonstrations from the live museum such as, The Middle Passage, Margaret Garner, and Henry “Box” Brown acts you see in this video depict the most empowering exhibits we visited at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Our scholars decided to step outside their comfort zones and perform a live museum for their communities in Indianapolis, Indiana. They wanted to have young people of all different cultures to be educated while having fun. Their primary goal was to aid in reversing the violence going on in their communities, by giving hope to youth who believed their ancestors only came from slavery. Their theory was if they could have their peers participate or attend and learn about African Kings and Queens like Mansu Musa and Queen Amina, it would drive them to want to do more in their own communities then just contribute to the violence. They aimed to target not only the youth, but also youth leaders who have a voice that the youth are willing to listen to.