Travel Courses

*All courses required for international trips*

101- Cultural Awareness– This course is designed to enable students to understand other cultures and nationalities both internationally and nationally. Students will learn about different cultural values, and attitudes (time, space, authority, and relationships). This course will help students develop a positive attitude toward change and new environments. They will then be able to recognize and respect people’s diversity and individual differences.

102- Geography/History– This dual course is designed to give students a brief history about the location they will travel to. Students will learn about population, migration, economic development, foreign exchange rates, agriculture, and food production. This course will broaden student’s historical and geographical perspective of many regions in the world. Included in this course, students will also be educated on specific currency of the destination.

103- Foreign language– In this course, students will be given the opportunity to further their education by learning more about the country’s culture. Depending on the region traveled to, students will learn the basic language (food, directions, signs, etc.) of the specific country.

104- When in Rome do as the Romans do – This course will help students learn how to adapt to new environments while embracing the culture. Students will learn how to follow the Roman Proverb everywhere they travel:

  1. . Behave as those around do
  2. Conform to the larger society
  3. Respect the beliefs and practices of a local culture It is courteous, and sometimes advantageous, to follow the customs of a society when visiting their nation.

105- How to travel safely– This course is designed to teach students how to travel safely, nationally and internationally. Students will learn some of the important laws in different regions. They will also learn how to handle themselves in case they are displaced from their group and how to be a responsible alert traveler.