Claudia White



Claudia White is an educator, sociologist, community leader and an up and coming philanthropist, who is passionate about supporting under resourced youth and traveling. Claudia’s journey begins in South Bend, Indiana, where she was born and raised. After graduating from Washington High School, she went on to earn her B.A. in Political Science and Spanish while minoring in Criminal Justice and concentrating in Pre-Law at the University of Indianapolis. She then went on to obtain her M.A in Applied Sociology- Community Leadership, also at the University of Indianapolis.  It was there where she found her love for traveling. In 2012, Claudia took advantage of her first opportunity to study abroad as a part of her Spanish program. She spent 3 months immersed in the culture of Seville, Spain at the International College of Seville. Between 2012 and 2014, Claudia has traveled to or lived in 7 countries. She credits her overseas experiences to helping her expand her mind, and experiences beyond the confines of her local community. She became more culturally aware, and motivated to expose younger students to experiences that broaden their view of success.

Claudia has always desired to give back to the community. First in her hometown where she tutored elementary school students and developed activities for a local daycare center. Upon moving to Indianapolis her community involvement continued as she regularly volunteered at Dayspring Center Homeless Center. She was also the Service Learning Coordinator for 21st Century Scholars, where she organized community service activities for middle school students to reflect on their community service experiences.

Claudia credits her success to her parents, especially her mother for always pushing her to exceed in life and speaking nothing but positive words in her future. She also credits her Pastors and Aunt and Uncle, Dr. Dennis and Debra Givens, of South Bend, Indiana New Horizons Outreach Ministry for constantly keeping her in their prayers and molding her into a virtuous woman of character.


Accomplishments and Volunteer Work


2014 Miss Black and Gold, Sigma phi chapter of Alpha phi Alpha fraternity Inc.


Crown Hill Community Empowerment Project, 2016

Humane Society, 2015

Bethany Village Nursery home, 2015

Community Service Project at University Heights Preparatory Academy, 2013

Mentoring Girls Club(In Spain), 2012

Dayspring Center, 2010-Present

Charles Martin Center, 2007-2008

Little Children Kingdom, 2006- Present


South Bend, Washington High School


Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Spanish, Minor-Criminal Justice, Concentration-Pre-Law)


Master of Arts (Applied Sociology, Concentration-Community Leadership)


Throughout the years, traveling around the world has broaden my horizons to different cultures and practices. But most importantly, it has shaped my perspective and how I view the world around me.

Albert F.

Traveling gives people the opportunity to see a way of life beyond their own. By experiencing a different environment or culture, young people gain new perspective in assessing the issues faced within their own communities while simultaneously correcting false assumptions about those outside of it.

Kenneth Echols Jr.

Traveling is important because it opens you up to other cultures. When you meet people from different walks of life you become a more open person. You see the world as a place that diverse human beings share versus individual people in far away places. You learn to realize that we're not that different after all. Despite our language barriers and cultural differences, we are all human beings trying to figure out how to make the best out of our lives.

Emma Hawksley